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Hello, friends! My name is Valerie Prytkova, and I am a Freshman at UF, majoring in Biology. While I was growing up, my parents always made an extraordinary occasion out of my birthdays – I would count down for months ahead and would eagerly wake up with a giant smile on the special day. I still believe in the magic of birthdays and special events and absolutely love celebrating them.

After working for a Princess company in my home state of Oklahoma, I knew that this was something I could not live without here in Florida. I decided to open up my own company to share my passion for fairy tales and working with kids. At 18 years old, I am still a 5 year old at heart; I never fail to establish a special bond with a child, as I continue to see the world from his/her perspective. I put all of my positive energy and enthusiasm into everything I do and dream to make your child’s dream come true! Being a small part of your child’s life would mean the world to me! I promise to make your special occasion a one to remember, filling it with laughter, magic, and love.



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